Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tribute To D.K. at Bentleyfunk

I would like to direct you to the blog "Bentleyfunk," which recently posted a copy of the African Brothers' album Tribute to D.K last week. This album has been on my mind recently, and I figured many readers might not be aware of its availability online. Founder of such Ghanaian record labels as Obobua, Aduana, and Happy Bird, D.K. Nyarko served as the producer of the African Brothers Band starting in 1967. This album was recorded after Mr. Nyarko's death, and features four subdued & emotional songs dedicated to him. Of particular note is the deep "Kyeremirekuku" and an unusual rendition of a traditional flute dirge played on the organ at the beginning of the third tack. Please enjoy this absolutely wonderful album.

African Brothers Band - Ma Me Nsu Ma Wo

D.K. Nyarko

Update: As Moos has kindly pointed out, the blog Bentleyfunk seems to no longer exist. I've uploaded the original download from this now defunct blog.  Download Tribute to D.K.  HERE.


  1. I was definitely not aware of the album or the blog. Thanks a lot for the tip!

  2. the blog does not longer exist ???

  3. Thanks for the tip, Moos. I've provided a download link in my original post.