Friday, March 11, 2011

Opambuo Internationals - Show Me your Love (1981)

Lately I just can't get enough of this "Nigerian-ized" Ghanaian highlife music.  Many great highlife albums were recorded in the 1970s and '80s by Ghanaian bands either living in Nigeria (such as Okukuseku) or aiming to target West African markets outside of Ghana.  The music that these types of groups created has a particular feel and sound; it is practically unique enough to be categorized within its own genre.  Rhythms, guitar riffs, and melodies reflect influences from within, as well as outside of Ghana.  At the same time, many songs are sung in Pidgin English in addition to local Ghanaian languages (like the title track on this album).  In this way songs were made intelligible to Nigerian listeners. 

The guitar riff on this track just kills me!
Opambuo Internationals - Hu Anim Ase Nkyene

Enjoy this album by the Opambuo Internationals, 
lead by Nana Agyeman Opambuo


  1. Many,many thanks for all your excellent work...Great music,very difficult for me to find it in any other place...

  2. Hello there,

    I have several albums from Opambuo and they're all pretty damn good. Do you have the album that the bottom picture is from. Would be nice to check that one out.


  3. thanks great music !!!!

  4. You're quite welcome.

    @ Turkey:
    Unfortunately I don't have the album that the bottom photo comes from. It's a shame these great albums are so difficult to come by. On the other hand, if you're willing to share some of the Opambuo albums you own with this blog I would love to post then here. I'm sure they would be greatly appreciated. If not, then no problem. Thanks!


  5. Opambuo international is my favourite highlife band of all time... their instrumentation is excellent especially with the nigerian infusion & i wish u would post more of their albums as well as other Ghanaian artists that plied their trade in nigeria like okukuseku or the beach scorpions...thanks

  6. I agree with you "anonymous," Opambuo's music is really something special. I'll try to post an album by Okukuseku or Opambuo in the near future. I'm wondering, do you have music by Opambuo you'd be willing to share, as I've had some trouble finding music by this group? You can reach me at if you're interested.

  7. Hello Osibisaba! Love the work! Keep it up. Can you pls post the Opambuo Internationals: Odo Yewu Special album? I'll be most welcome and greatful! Thanks

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