Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kyeremateng Stars - Owuo See Fie

Here we have a short album by Kyeremateng Atwede and his Kyeremateng Stars entitled Owuo See Fie.  "Owuo sei fie" is an Akan proverb which concerns the far reaching effects that a death may have on the family, roughly translated as "death spoils a house" or "death destroys a home."  Accordingly, the "O" of the word Owuo (death) is filled in here with an ominous image of a skull.  On this album, Kyeremateng Atwede and his group present three beautiful & deep Akan guitar-band style songs, with a counterbalance of two upbeat highlife tunes sung in Pidgin English ("Every Work Na Work" and "Yellow Woman").


Kyeremateng Stars - Eno Benewa

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Akwaboa's Band - Fidie Wura

Fidie Wura by Akwaboa's Band is a beautiful, laid-back gem of an album.  The songs featured on this record are smooth and effortless, with rootsy harmonies, acoustic guitar playing, and singing characteristic of traditional Akan music and palm wine highlife.  All of Akwaboa's recordings are excellent, but this album really wonderfully demonstrates the intimate relationships which exist between electric guitar-band highlife, palm wine, and traditional Akan music.  And what a great album cover too!


Akwaboa's Band - Fidie wura ba na wo be hunu