Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Funeral of Kakraba Lobi

Xylophone-shaped coffin of Kakraba Lobi

Kakraba Lobi was one of Ghana's truly great gyil (xylophone) players, introducing musical innovations while working within traditional, "highlife," and "art music" styles. Recently I've enjoyed watching a short 10-minute film entitled "A Great Man Has Gone Out" by ethnomusicologist Brian Hogan, which documents Kakraba's 2007 funeral. Here we see some fantastic xylophone performances by such artists as Aaron Bebe, Hewale Sounds, SK (Kakraba's son), and others, while learning about the cultural context surrounding Ghanaian funerals and the complex gyil music of Northern Ghana. If you have ten minutes to spare, take a moment to watch this nice film all the way through. Watch it HERE

Kakraba Lobi - Funeral for an Old Man (aka Gandayina)

"A Great Man Has Gone Out: The Funeral of Kakraba Lobi" by Brian Hogan

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