Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kyeremateng Stars - Owuo See Fie

Here we have a short album by Kyeremateng Atwede and his Kyeremateng Stars entitled Owuo See Fie.  "Owuo sei fie" is an Akan proverb which concerns the far reaching effects that a death may have on the family, roughly translated as "death spoils a house" or "death destroys a home."  Accordingly, the "O" of the word Owuo (death) is filled in here with an ominous image of a skull.  On this album, Kyeremateng Atwede and his group present three beautiful & deep Akan guitar-band style songs, with a counterbalance of two upbeat highlife tunes sung in Pidgin English ("Every Work Na Work" and "Yellow Woman").


Kyeremateng Stars - Eno Benewa

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  1. From 1981, not one of their best albums but great nonetheless. Definitely their most sought after and also one hell of a fantastic sleeve. This cover is hard to top. All of their records are generally good. Thanks for posting.