Saturday, February 12, 2011

Alex Konadu - Dua Ayi Me

In honor of "One Man Thousand" Alex Konadu who passed away last month (see obituary in previous post), I offer you this 1983 album Dua Ayi Me. Here we have Konadu at his finest, joined by B.B. Collins Marfo of "Powerful Believers" fame on lead guitar and backing vocals. 

Also, be sure to check out Alex Konadu's first album Nsa Dwa Se, which was recently posted over at Global Groove. Enjoy!

Alex Konadu - Track 6 (title unknown)

Download Dua Ayi Me


  1. its a shame someone who must have given pleasure to thousands has died with hardly any mention.he was a writer of the highest calibre
    kari bannerman

  2. thankyou ... tremendous music. nice to see the bitrate getting higher as well :-)

    thanks again

  3. That is very nice Osibisaba..

  4. Yes but we need moaaarrrr Highlife :)

  5. Looking for music from 'Otoo Larte's Band'..Any Help???

  6. I assume you've probably already found these two olds recording on the British Sound Archive site?:

    Other than that I can't really offer you much else.

    Also, I'll try to start posting albums regularly again soon.


  7. A question... why does the back of the LP artwork list 4 tracks when there are 6 in the .rar file?

    Thanks for the music in any case!

  8. @S.
    I'm not sure about the discrepancy, although the labels of many old highlife albums seem to be similarly off or incorrect. For this one I named the tracks after the listing on the label (although only the first five tracks are listed). I guess the great 6th track will remain a mystery...