Tuesday, January 4, 2011

King Onyina - Akwantu Mu Nsem

The legendary King Onyina is well-known and loved for his old-time guitar band music, in particular the variety found on I've Found My Love and the African Guitar Series CD. Kwabena "King" Onyina himself was an occasional concert party performer (like his peer E.K. Nyame), a musical pioneer, and an inspiration to younger guitarists like Koo Nimo who sought to expand highlife "guitarism" into new territory. A full biography may be found online at GhanaWeb.  

Akwantu Mu Nsem, however, is one of several unique albums released later in Onyina's career, in this case the late '70s. A more modern sound is featured here (with light synthesizer accompaniment), and Onyina is joined by several male & female singers who often take the forefront. This album is quickly becoming one of my favorites, mainly because these songs are just so strikingly beautiful and unique. Take a listen to the title track below and I'm sure you'll fall in love like I did.

Akwantu Mu Nsem - King Onyina

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  1. King Oniya was a very good pick!!!

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