Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Greatest Mix of Dr. Paa Bobo

Paa Bobo is an older musician I don't know too much about. Back in the day (in the '70s & '80s) he released several albums including Osobrokyee, Ehye Wo Bo, and Enye M'ania, and more recently he's put out remixed versions of some of his classic old songs. Here, the songs have been updated and given a more modern treatment (I actually prefer these newer versions for the most part). This album, The Greatest Mix of Dr. Paa Bobo, features these newer arrangements. This music is actually quite popular in Ghana today, and one may hear these songs on the radio or playing from stereos in the street.

Enjoy the music of this "highlife doctor."

Aba Saa - Paa Bobo


  1. Thanks, great to hear this fresh sound. I
    love the stuff he did with Kofi Sammy's Okukuseku.
    When he wasn't yet a Dr. :)

  2. Paa Bobo live playing his most popular song "Osobrokyee":

  3. Wow! Great brand new video. Thank you for this!