Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lets Do the Highlife!: George Danquah - Hot and Jumpy

"The music of this album, like the product of a wandering minstrel, is colored by the travels and adventures of the performer. These are not the songs of the jungle, nor are they work tunes. They are urban interpretation that leap with the rhythms of the modern day cities. But at their root they are pure African strain of daily life."

Why worry baby, lets do the Highlife!

Araba Soso Wo Ndzema


  1. fantastic record !!!!!!! many many thanks

  2. Awesome! I have wanted to hear this album in a very long time. Thanks so much!!!!

  3. Thanks for this post. George’s versatility is demonstrated on this LP and it is not at all surprising to any Ghanaian acquainted with the era in which this music was recorded. A band had to be competent in different genres to survive the competition among the bands on the night club scene.

    Thanks again for taking us back.

  4. Thanks Mister, this kind of music touch my soul.

  5. Very cool guitar stylings. THANKS for something completely new to me!