Thursday, August 26, 2010

This is Marijata!

Very funky music that pretty much speaks for itself. Many people would consider it a top favorite.

-No Condition is Permanent-
-Break Through-
-I Walk Alone-
-We Live in Peace-


  1. You're a really good man for posting this!!! Think of yourself as a Robin Hood. There are probably some sellers out there shitting in their pants at the thought of any average Joe Smoe like me getting their hands on this. Posts like these could put an end to the legendary $2000 records on ebay and at record fairs! Thanks.

  2. I've sold several original copies of this record once on ebay a couple of them on record fairs and at the same time have been posting a full recording of this album on my website as well as on the auction site when I sold it on ebay. The mp3 link is still up:

    So no Robin Hood acts needed here.
    And why should anybody be "shitting their pants" over any of this? I've already sold all but 1 of my spare copies of this record and wouldn't mind holding onto doubles of this but in the end, the availability of a digital download can only have a positive effect on the price of an original copy.

    Even the re-issue of a truly rare record like this will eventually only drive up the price of the original. As an example, look at the last copy of the SJOB album which went for double the price as compared to before the re-issue came out.

    Right now I'm working on a re-issue of this Marijata LP, a bunch of other material by this band and a whole lot of other killer material.

  3. Well, I certainly don't consider myself a "Robin Hood" by any means. Just someone who wants to share my passion for this beautiful music of Ghana with as many people as possible.

    Frank, are you taking issue with this particular post or just the comments section? Let me know if you have concerns in relation to your reissue projects, etc. Otherwise, thank you for your fantastic blog!

  4. Osibisaba, everything's cool! I didn't take issue with your original post at all. As I stated above, I've been posting up an mp3 recording of this entire LP myself sometime back. Once on the Soulstrut board and once when I auctioned off one of my spare copies on ebay. The file is still online:

    I was only taking issue with the vitriol in Nesmond's post that reeked of jealousy and ignorance. I tried to diffuse his strange and inexplicable thoughts someone would soil their pants in fear the price for a rare original copy of this (or any other) record would suffer because of it's availability as an mp3 or even as a re-issue.

    Funny enough, there was an almost identical post when Nico over at Oro posted up Marijata's second LP.

    I'm actually in Accra as I type this and have found another EX copy of this fine record just days ago. Next week I'm going to meet Marijata's drummer Kofi Elektrik to put together the liner notes for the re-issue. He's got some truly unbelievable photographs as well...

    Keep up the good work!


  5. reviewed this on

  6. Nesmond is right...its a pity to know the small sums of money that selfish people pay to the local folks for these records, only to re-sell them at exhorbitant prices...please keep them coming...God bless you

  7. Thank you so much.

    Cheers from Italy

  8. You are a top man - My world just got a little better for your posting and of course Marijita for their great music. Thanks from Vaughan

  9. Thanks for sharing this! Even when you have it in LP, it's good to have the possibility to listen to it with something else than a turntable!

  10. Thank you very much for sharing! It's appreciated by all those who have been fortunate enough to find this rare music. Once again, THANKS!

  11. Thank you so much from Los Angeles. Cheers

  12. Thankyou for sharing beautiful music